MWAI Women

MWAI Women is a branch of the Joyce Banda Foundation that was started 2010 to empower local Malawian women. In just over 3 years, MWAI Women has 400,000 members. The program empowers women by helping them become financially independent through saving circles, business training, and other empowerment activities.




The Joyce Banda Foundation offers free secondary education to over 200 orphans in Domasi, which is President Banda’s hometown. The school is actually on the property that our founder was born. Malawi only has two free secondary schools in Malawi and this JBF School is one of them. JBF just completed the construction of two dormitories and a dining hall for 100 girls. Next they will start construction on the dorms for the boys.


The Joyce Banda Foundation also runs a school in Blantyre that offers exceptional primary through secondary education to the Malawian children. Proceeds from this school help to fund the other JBF activities.


Orphan Care Centers

The Joyce Banda Foundation has 35 Orphan Care Centers across Malawi where orphans ages 3-5 years old receive education and nutritious food on a daily basis. The centers feed over 1500 children a day.


Youth & Sport

Joyce Banda Foundation has a number of programs targeting the youth through sports and HIV/AIDS education. To empower the youth in sports, the Joyce Banda Foundation has partnered with the Jack Brewer Foundation & One World Futbol Project to hold an Inter-Constituency Trophy Cup launching in the fall of 2013 for soccer and netball. The tournament will be carried out through 2014. To date there have been over 10,000 One World Futbols distributed in conjunction with the Trophy Cup. In 2013, JBF launched a program with Malawi National Aids Commission (NAC) to education over 1 million Malawian on HIV/AIDS


Village Transformation

Across all ages and demographics, JBF works for village transformation. JBF’s agricultural programs help the smallholder farmer with input materials such as seeds and fertilizers as well as training. JBF has also launched a One Goat & One Cow Per Family Program that has been wildly successful. JBF partners with healthcare providers to build clinics as well as partners with local villagers to build new homes.